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Written by Stewart Waddell on 26 Apr, 2019

Dataplan has been a payroll provider with hospitality sector expertise for a number of years and has consciously evolved its payroll service offering to cater specifically for the hospitality sector to ensure that:

  • Hotel staff can be processed against multiple job postings that attract different pay rates
  • Hotel staff can be processed against multiple hotel locations
  • Multiple payroll frequency payrolls can be processed alongside one another
  • Sudden fluctuations in turnover of staff can be easily accommodated
  • The payroll solution is entirely customisable, scalable and cost effective

eproductiveWorking to a similar ethos, Eproductive’s EPS hotel staff scheduling system has been designed to by hoteliers for hotel businesses to give managers access to real time information to:

  • Make correct judgement calls to improve productivity
  • Control costs ahead of spend
  • Integrate employee engagement to simplify communication
  • Reduce administration
  • Fully integrate with other specialist hotel systems

Partnership working

Around 12 months ago, Dataplan approached Eproductive with a view to creating a partnered approach that would significantly improve the data flow between the two systems for the benefit of one our mutual clients.

After seven months of designing and testing the new approach, an API solution went live to ensure that EPS could interface with Dataplan automatically and directly at the start of each payroll cycle.

This combined approach of sharing data has brought about significant benefits:

  • The client only has to notify one system of any changes to HR or payroll data with complete confidence that the changes will be replicated across both systems
  • Client administration has been cut in half
  • Payroll processing lead time has significantly reduced
  • Error rate has decreased dramatically

A new integrated solution

This has worked so well for our mutual client that this service offering has been packaged up as a combined solution for any hotel looking for an integrated solution to hotel staff scheduling alongside payroll and pension auto-enrolment compliance.

This is an exciting joint venture between Dataplan and Eproductive that can bring about a cost effective, scalable and customisable solution to the hotel industry.

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Stewart Waddell
Stewart is our Operations Director and is responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly for all 1000+ customers. Stewart also manages our systems and staff. He also helps with the development of Dataplan's innovative technology solutions like our ePayslips solution and VERA HR to name a few.

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