What makes tourism attractions or holiday businesses alike in terms of their payroll is the seasonality of the business and the impact this has on payroll numbers.

Staff levels often scale very quickly ‘in-season’ and decrease just as quickly out of season.

Effective, accurate & compliant payroll services

As a business this can add undue pressure ensuring that complex, multi payrolls are managed effectively, staff are paid accurately and all compliance requirements delivered. That’s a big ask from an in-house team and also leaves you vulnerable to the capacity of that team.

What would happen if your key payroll person left or was off sick at a crucial time?

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Outsourcing takes away the hassle from your payroll

By outsourcing your payroll to a specialist payroll provider who has relevant experience in the leisure and tourism market, you know you will have a service that can cope with the fast scaling of your workforce, is fully up to speed with compliance requirements and has the staff and processes in place to deliver a fast and cost-effective payroll service.

Understanding travel & tourism payroll

There are many companies offering to manage your payroll, but how many of them actually understand and can manage the complexities of payrolls like yours?

Payroll services and benefits provided to holiday parks and tourist attractions:

  • Online payroll approval using ePaysafe
  • Branded ePayslips for your employees including smartphone apps
  • Employee engagement facility
  • Printed payslips direct to sites or employees home addresses
  • Multi administration levels for payroll input and approval (to allow for direct input from sites yet overall approval from HO)
  • Employee sickness monitoring and reporting
  • Management of NMW and NLW
  • Auto enrolment solutions including pension communications direct to employees
  • Fast, flexible scaling of workforce
  • Real Time Information reporting direct to HMRC
  • Employee tax code validation and processing
  • Bespoke payroll reporting and management reports
  • Site/department & cost centre analysis
  • Payment of wages by BACS fully automated
  • Employment Allowance Management

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