Specialist Payroll for Hospitality & Leisure

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Specialist payroll & ePayslip services for the hotel, hospitality and leisure sector

Specialist Outsourced Services

If you are looking for a payroll outsource partner that understands the challenges and complexities of the hospitality & leisure sector, look no further.

Dataplan have many years’ experience providing flexible, scalable and technology driven solutions for hotels, pubs, venues, sports clubs and tourism.

Hospitality Payroll

Flexible Solutions

One of the things that defines payrolls in the hospitality sector is the need for maximum flexibility for both processing and output information. Multiple payroll cycles, variable staff levels and complex tax and NI calculations make providing accurate and complaint payrolls all require a provider who has experience and systems to manage these efficiently.

Flexible Technology

Platform Neutral Technology

We don’t add to your payroll complexity with the enforcement of yet another system or platform. In fact, our in-house technical capabilities mean we can ‘wrap around’ your existing systems and integrate seamlessly.

Through our technology solutions we can introduce new ways of working that streamline and improve your working processes, giving autonomy at local branch or outlet level, yet retaining high levels of control and compliance.

Talk to the Payroll Heroes

We think you'll like our personal approach. Each of our clients gets a payroll hero who will get to understand your payroll and your business and are on hand to answer any queries and questions you may have.


hospitality payroll services