Providing Specialist Payroll Services

Dataplan have been providing bespoke payroll solutions for the hotel, hospitality and leisure sectors for over 45 years.

Payroll Specialist

Dataplan are a specialist payroll provider, allowing businesses and organisations to run their payroll more efficiently and stress-free. The hospitality and leisure sector consists of many types of business from fast food franchises, to hotel chains and from sports clubs to venues and events - but they face some common issues that affect their payroll and what is required from a payroll provider.

The payroll needs and demands of a hotel are very different from those of a school, or a large manufacturing business. That's why we have set up specialist teams who have specific experience in working with businesses from hospitality and leisure.

payroll specialist

Personal Service

We don't believe technology should equal impersonal. Just as people are the cornerstone in the hospitality and leisure sector, so we do believe that personal service is essential for great outsourced payroll.

So all of our clients have a personal team who will get to understand your payroll and your business and are on hand to answer the queries and questions you may have.

payroll specialists

Client Guarantees

It’s easy to claim great customer service, but at Dataplan we don’t just talk about it, we guarantee it with our Customer Charter. We guarantee a three-month no risk trial and if at the end of the three months, if you are not entirely happy with our service we will refund all fees and provide you with full copies of your payroll data. We can’t say fairer than that!

payroll specialists

Technology driving efficiency

The hospitality and leisure sector is one that relies on technology to increase efficiencies in a competitive environment.

In the payroll industry, innovation and technological development is essential to keep up with the demands of compliance and obligations, but also to deliver a streamlined service to clients.

Dataplan have invested heavily in building a highly skilled in-house technical team that enables us to deliver bespoke payroll solutions to our clients.

Talk to the Payroll Heroes

Dataplan have managed large UK hotel chains, ranging in size from 20 to over 5000 employees across many different payment cycles, so if you would like to discuss the payroll needs of your hotel, please call us on 03331 123456 or request a quote.