Understanding the complexities of hospitality payroll

From hotels and restaurants to holiday parks and franchises, Dataplan Payroll understand the challenges and complexities of payrolls in the hospitality and leisure sector.

What unites the very different types of business in this sector are the high demands placed on a payroll provider

  • Short payroll turn-arounds
  • Multiple payroll cycles
  • Peaks and troughs in staffing levels due to seasonality or events
  • High staff turnover
  • Zero hours contracts
  • Large numbers of casual staff and non-UK nationals
  • Complex tax scenarios
  • Taxation of troncs, tips and gratuities
  • National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage monitoring
  • Multi-site issues and payroll consolidation
hospitality payroll services

With such complexity comes the chance for error, overpayment and non-compliance. Our payroll service is fully managed, which lets us take over responsibility for all the technical and compliance aspects of your payroll, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business

Unlike an in-house team, our service is highly flexible and scalable, allowing payroll to become a variable rather than a fixed cost.

Managing large volumes of data, efficiently and accurately

Variable hours processed quickly and efficiently

With variable, hourly paid workers, payrolls in the hospitality and leisure sector can generate large amounts of data that need to be processed quickly and efficiently.

Our in-house technical team and systems provide secure integration with your data systems, ensuring that payroll data can be uploaded, checked and approved with ease, that your staff get paid accurately and on time and that you can realise cost efficiencies against running your own payroll function.

Flexing to suit your workforce

We expect there will be differences in the numbers and nature of staffing levels with our hospitality and leisure clients, so we have systems in place to handle this as standard.


Our flexibility and in-house technical resource also make it easy for Dataplan to react quickly to emerging developments for a business. It is not unusual in this sector for a purchase of a new business to happen very quickly and there can be no lag in paying of staff from the new acquisition.

Our systems are ‘fleet of foot’ and allow us to react and respond to such changes and requests.

Improved staff communication

Our ePayslips service can help improve communications with staff (especially if mobile or across multiple sites) not only providing payslip information but also other important communications, such as Auto Enrolment, P11Ds and P60s.

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