Hospitality payrolls can be complex. Really complex.

Not only are there over 200 pieces of payroll legislation to comply with, there are often tight timescales due to weekly payrolls and large seasonal fluctuations in staff and hours.

One of the idiosyncrasies of hospitality payrolls is that they may have staff members that work in different locations within the same company or occupy more than one role of employment. For example, an employee at a hotel may work front of house ordinarily but there will come a time where they are needed in the bar at another site down the road.

Transparency for employees

Not only is there an expectation from employees for transparency on how their pay is made up, new legislation from April 2019 requires employers to show itemised hours that make up their pay on their payslip (for read here for more information). In addition, we are finding that employers are wanting to accurately cost and forecast their operations by department and / or location.

Handling multi job splits

With Dataplan’s in-house technical expertise, we have developed our software so that an individual employment record can have multiple jobs attached to it. Rather than having hundreds of payroll elements set up with different narratives and cost codes to achieve the end result manually, it is now much easier to achieve the following in each payroll period:

  • Collation of payroll data becomes less messy as an employee can have multiple lines of data relating to their separate jobs
  • Processing of payroll data requires no manual manipulation for import resulting in much less risk of error
  • Departmental reports and costings are now far more accurate as employees can be costed across multiple departments/locations
  • Employees can easily reconcile their own hours against their itemised payslip which results in less queries for the employer

Many of our hospitality payroll clients have found the ability to handle multiple job splits to be invaluable. We are also working with partners specialising in workforce management software geared towards the hospitality industry who are benefitting from our joined-up approach to receiving, processing and reporting data automatically using the multi job split service.

Written by Chris Rutter
Published on February 28, 2019

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