TAXassure – compliance for your PAYE, NI and other tax liabilities

How confident are you in the accuracy of your PAYE, NI and other tax systems?

Dataplan TAXassure

We have taken our PAYE Healthcheck service and added to it. TAXassure is now a full tax compliance and consultation service that reviews your tax and benefits as a whole; including areas such as BIKS (Benefits in Kind), Apprenticeship Levy and Employee Allowances.

We don’t just identify any potential problem areas, we also make recommendations on how you can improve tax efficiency.

TAXassure – compliance for your PAYE, NI and other tax liabilitie

Stage One - TAXassure CHECK

The first stage is a health check where we use our 32-point check list to go through you systems with a fine tooth comb (because HMRC will do the same!)


Stage Two – TAXassure IDENTIFY

Form this first check phase, we will identify any errors that need addressing and ensure there is compliance throughout your systems both in process and implementation. This stage will also pick up new compliance areas such as BIKS and the Apprenticeship Levy.

Stage Three – TAXassure ADVISE

The previous stages will pick up things that are not being done correctly, but there are also likely to be opportunities of greater tax efficiencies and these opportunities can often result in tax savings.

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