Payroll Services for venues and events

Providing payroll services for venues and events

Providing payroll services for venues and events. If you run a large venue or event, your payroll management needs to cope with fluctuations in staff numbers, bank staff and zero hours contracts. From a small core number of permanent employees, a large event will swell the payroll for a short period of time and being flexible and scalable enough to manage this efficiently can be a challenge.

The benefits of outsourcing your payroll

With a fluctuating workforce, outsourcing your payroll allows you to have that flexibility and ability to ‘staff up’ your payroll resources as and when it is needed. A specialist provider also has the knowledge and processes to ensure your payroll is fully compliant, which is no mean feat in the increasingly onerous demands of RTI, Auto Enrolment, NMW and NLW.

Payroll Services for venues and events

Managing a scalable workforce

The requirements from your payroll to manage these large fluctuations in workforce numbers necessitate being able to capture payroll data efficiently, managing the quick scaling of employee numbers and then P45’ing staff once the event has finished

With many people now working in the gig economy and having multiple jobs, the tax implications for payroll also need to be factored in and handled efficiently.

Payroll services and benefits provided to venues and events

  • Online payroll approval using ePaysafe
  • Branded ePayslips for your employees including smartphone apps
  • Management of zero hours contracts and Bank staff
  • Employee engagement facility
  • Printed payslips direct to sites or employees home addresses
  • Employee sickness monitoring and reporting
  • Auto enrolment solutions including pension communications direct to employees
  • Real Time Information reporting direct to HMRC
  • Employee tax code validation and processing
  • Bespoke payroll reporting and management reports
  • Nominal ledger / Payroll journals
  • Site / department & cost centre analysis
  • Payment of wages by BACS fully automated
  • Employment Allowance Management

Talk to the Payroll Heroes

Dataplan have managed large UK hotel chains, ranging in size from 20 to over 5000 employees across many different payment cycles, so if you would like to discuss the payroll needs of your hotel, please call us on 03331 123456 or request a quote.