Payroll Services for sports clubs

Providing payroll services for sports clubs

Sports clubs have complex payrolls that often includes a mix of full time, highly paid employees and casual / zero hours contract staff or Bank staff. It can also have other complexities such as a high proportion of non-English nationals and large bonus payments.

Outsource your payrolls to the professionals

Dataplan are a specialist payroll company with a great deal of experience managing complex payrolls across all sectors, including sports and leisure.

The benefits of payroll outsourcing are many:

  • A move from fixed to variable costs for your payroll¬†
  • Guarantee of compliance, whatever new regulations and requirements come along
  • Increased payroll efficiency and accuracy
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance or reliance on key members of staff
  • Release of your resources to focus on core activities
Payroll services for sports clubs

Additional payroll services

As a payroll specialist we can also provide additional services to standard payroll processing, including management of your Auto Enrolment communications or our TAXassure PAYE and benefits.

Payroll services and benefits provided to sports clubs

  • Online payroll approval using ePaysafe
  • Branded ePayslips for your employees including smartphone apps
  • Employee engagement facility
  • Printed payslips direct to sites or employees home addresses
  • Employee sickness monitoring and reporting
  • Auto enrolment solutions including pension communications direct to employees
  • Real Time Information reporting direct to HMRC
  • Employee tax code validation and processing
  • Bespoke payroll reporting and management reports
  • Nominal ledger / Payroll journals
  • Site/department & cost centre analysis
  • Payment of wages by BACS fully automated
  • Employment Allowance Management

Talk to the Payroll Heroes

Dataplan have managed large UK hotel chains, ranging in size from 20 to over 5000 employees across many different payment cycles, so if you would like to discuss the payroll needs of your hotel, please call us on 03331 123456 or request a quote.