Payroll Services for hotels

Providing payroll services for hotels, hotel chains and hotel management companies

The hotel industry face a number of challenges when it comes to payroll. Accuracy can be a problem when often contending with multi-locations, a variety of payroll cycles, seasonality and high turnover of staff.

Using traditional systems, or relying on in-house staff can leave hotels exposed to potential inaccuracies and vulnerability of relying on staff who could leave, be off sick or go on holiday.

Outsourcing payroll provides a cost-effective solution that reduces the hassle and potential risk but not all payroll providers have the experience and resources to provide a flexible and efficient option.

Payroll services for hotels

Integrating with your existing systems and processes

Payroll services for hotels

One of the benefits of using Dataplan is that we don’t force you down a particular system route. We understand you have existing systems in place, such live time, attendance and rostering systems, and we can wrap our solutions around yours to ensure smooth and secure data transfer.

Experience of working with hotels

We are working with many hotels from independents to large chains. We also work with Management Companies who provide systems such as payroll to their hotel clients.

This means we understand what is important to you for your payroll and have experience in providing this service.

Payroll services and benefits provided to hotels:

  • Branded ePayslips for your employees including smartphone apps
  • Employee engagement facility
  • Printed payslips direct to hotel sites or employees home addresses
  • Free Payroll transfer/setup
  • Employee sickness monitoring and reporting
  • Auto enrolment solutions including pension communications direct to employees
  • Real Time information reporting direct to HMRC
  • Employee tax code validation and processing
  • Employee P11d’s
  • Bespoke payroll reporting and management reports
  • Nominal ledger / Payroll journals
  • Site/department & cost centre analysis
  • Troncs, tips and gratuities recording
  • Online payroll approval using ePaysafe
  • Payment of wages by BACS fully automated
  • Employment Allowance Management

Talk to the Payroll Heroes

Dataplan have managed large UK hotel chains, ranging in size from 20 to over 5000 employees across many different payment cycles, so if you would like to discuss the payroll needs of your hotel, please call us on 03331 123456 or request a quote.